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Step Class

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Step Class © 1993 Ty Wilson. 1 of 4 of vintage pieces of art along with "Workout" , "Aerobics" and "Runner", added to the "Exercise Collection" circa the early 1990's. "Step Class" are inspired by the exercise craze of the day. Our archives have come into possession of a limited number of the sold-out and out of print original “Step Class” posters. The art was originally created by hand with India ink and brush for the line-work, which became a colorful poster with matte varnish accents on a white background. The poster size is  24 inches x 36 inches. *All sales are final after artwork has been shipped and collector has received a delivery confirmation email. Please be aware that this is a ‘vintage’ poster printed circa the early 1990's, so, being that the poster is over 35 years old it is sold “as is”, meaning that it 'may' come with some signs of aging around the borders. However, no aging is visible on the image area so you can rest assured that nothing will obscure your enjoyment of the artwork itself. As with all the other art we offer, “Step Class” comes signed/dated by Ty Wilson by exclusive special arrangement with the artist. This collector’s edition vintage poster of “Step Class” is offered for a limited time for $150.00 each plus shipping.