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A Limited Stock Vintage Collector's Poster(s)

Great news collectors!

Our archives have come into possession of a limited number of the sold-out and out of print original posters!

Our first offering is "Rhythm" The first ever image created for the "Dance" Collection

"Rhythm" is an Art Deco inspired homage to the Harlem Renaissance originally created by hand with cut-paper

The posters are from the 6th offset lithography printing in 1992 (size 24 x 36) printed with gold and silver foil accents

“Rhythm” was one of the first two posters ever produced of the artist’s work (the other was his first romantic image “Embrace”)

As with all the other art we offer, “Rhythm” comes signed/dated by Ty Wilson by exclusive special arrangement with the artist

This collector’s edition of “Rhythm” is offered for a limited time for $100.00 plus shipping